The Uniform Dress Code at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School is instituted to maintain an appearance of neatness, visual uniformity, modesty, and simplicity, while, at the same time, fostering self-discipline and self respect. School uniforms enable the students to focus on the seriousness of educational learning while simultaneously demonstrating school pride.

Our uniform plaid, designed exclusively for our school by True Grits Uniform Company, incorporates a color palate that is consistent with predominant colors and symbols at St. Gregory the Great Parsh. The school logo features the St. Gregory Cross, and the teal uniform polo shirt reflects the color of the church dome.

Uniform clothing is purchased from True Grits Uniform StoreĀ®, located in Mira Mesa. All uniform clothing must display the True Grits logo.Shopping for uniforms may be done at the retail location, by phone, fax, or by ordering online.

2011-2012 Uniforms (pdf)


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