2010-2011 School Board

Kathy McIntosh (Parent/Parishioner) -Board President
Gina Callipari (Parent/Parishioner)
Cynthia Davis (Parishioner)
Joe Kloberdanz (Parishioner)
Sean McSweeny (Parishioner)
Mary Meissner (Parishioner)
Chad Wishchuk (Parent/Parishioner)
Lisa Keller (Parent/Parishioner) -PTSG President
Mrs. Maeve O'Connell (Principal)
Fr. Nicholas Clavin (Pastor/Superintendent)

Mission of the Board

The mission of the School Board is to support and implement the philosophy of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, whose aim is to integrate the teaching of gospel values with the total curriculum, and to create an environment where Christian community can be experienced through liturgy, Sacraments, and social action.


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