2011-2012 Parent Teacher Stewardship Group (PTSG) Executive Board

President: Sharon Van de Grift
Vice-President: Kim Harris
Treasurer: Cathy Dillard
Secretary: Michelle Hoagland
Member-At-Large: Jim Scelfo
Volunteer Coordinators: Amy Martin and Lisa Keller
Dad's Club: Tyler McIntosh

Parent Stewardship

Service and stewardship are central components of the philosophy of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Parent involvement in the life of the school community sends a powerful message to the students that each of us is called to Christian service, as we freely share our gifts of talent, time, and treasure. The Parent Stewardship Program involves parents as active participants in the education of their children, while at the same time building Christian community.

Responding the call to stewardship, each family is responsible for completing a minimum of thirty (30) hours of active involvement during the school year, as outlined in the Parent Stewardship Program Agreement. The school office, volunteer coordinator, and classroom teacher will assist in suggesting opportunities for parent involvement.
In the interest of student safety, the Diocese of San Diego mandates that all adults who come in contact with students complete the following requirements prior to beginning their service ministry at the school:

1. Submit proof of current TB test.
2. Complete Live Scan Fingerprinting.
3. View the Diocesan Safe Environment Video.
4. Sign the Child Abuse Reporting Certificate of Awareness


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