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St. Gregory the Great Catholic School is the latest, state-of-the-art addition to the system of Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego. We are a K-8 elementary school community located on ten elevated acres at 15315 Stonebridge Parkway, San Diego, CA 92131 . Our school opened on September 8, 2009, with students enrolled in grades K-4. We added 5th Grade in September 2010 and an additional grade will be added each year until the K-8 vision is realized in 2013. St. Gregory the Great Catholic School is a community committed to stewardship as a model for daily living. Our program offers a faith-based educational curriculum with a stated mission to foster Christian values, inspire academic excellence, and encourage global awareness through service to others.

The innovative design of our school building is from the award winning architectural firm of Hyndman & Hyndman. Our 900 sq. ft. classrooms feature vaulted, open beam ceilings, with an airy atmosphere and a high degree of ambient daylight that provides a stimulating and cheerful learning environment. The student - centered classrooms boast an integrated computer center, built-in student storage cubbies, a sink area that supports art and science activities, and extensive technological infrastructure that supports LCD projectors, document cameras, and Smartboards. Each set of four classrooms has a central pod area, enclosed in glass, with access directly from each classroom. This design feature offers opportunities for small group and/or individualized instruction to both reinforce and challenge students in meeting and exceeding learning goals.

An extensive asphalt play area offers basketball courts, tetherball, four square etc. with additional grass and sandbox areas that support both the PE program and daily social interaction among students during recess and lunch.

Future phases in the development of our school community will feature an administrative center with a 3,400 sq. ft. library and conference facilities, pre-school, multi-purpose gymnasium, and a chapel designed in the style of the parish Church.



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